Multifunctional Hand radio Solar Crank Dynamo Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio Use Emergency LED Flashlight Power Bank


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Multifunctional Radio Hand Crank Solar USB Charging FM AM WB NOAA Weather Radio Emergency LED Flashlight Power Bank
Radio Specification:
AM: 520-1600kHz
FM: 87-108 MHz, 76-90 MHz
NOAA: 162.400 ~ 162.550 MHz
Battery voltage: 2.5-4.2V
Charging method: hand crank, solar charging, USB charging
Built-in battery: 103035-Polymer (bettter than Li-ion)
USB charging time: 2.5-3h
Hand crank charging time: 2-2.5h
Solar charging time: 35-40h
1 minute hand crank lighting time: 5min
1 minute hand crank radio time: 3min
Fully charged radio time: 5-7h
Fully charged lighting time: 9-10h
SOS alarm: NO
NOAA alarm: NO
Flashlight: YES
Reading light: NO
Waterproof level: IPX3
3.5mm headphone jack: NO
Appearance color: Black
Packing size: 160 * 70 * 60mm
Weight: 260g
Storage bag Features:
Wear resistant, dirt resistant, shock resistant and fall resistant.
Mold opening for original speaker, fit the body
Nylon, black, hardware
Shockproof and fall resistant, which can better protect your Bluetooth-compatible speaker
Adjustable shoulder strap, suitable for people of all heights. It can be used as a one shoulder backpack or a straddle bag

Material: Diving material
Features: Waterproof, portable speaker protection package to protect the speaker from impact and scratches.
Size: 215 * 90 * 85mm
Weight: 145g

1 X Radio
1 X Charging Cable
1 X Manual
or:1x storage bag

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Black 1000mA 1LED, Storage Bag, 1200Mah Red, 1200mAh, purple, red 2000 mA 3LED, 1200Mah Black, Yellow 2000 mA 3LED, Black 2000 mA 3LED, 2000 mA 3LED

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