Outdoor 3W LED Headlamp


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Outdoor 3W LED Headlamp

Function: 3-gear mode strong light slightly weak light flash (light distance can be adjusted freely)
Use: 3 No.7 batteries for power supply

Plastic ABS Telescopic Headlamp 

1) The button switch on the top adopts 3W high-power lamp tube and uses the condensing and reflecting function of the lens to adjust the condensing and passing light telescopically, with a maximum range of 100m.
First gear: low light second gear: high light third gear: flash fourth gear: off 
2) high elastic braided belt, 450mm long, 250mm short and 25mm wide. 
3)ABS material production, ultra light waterproof products.
 4) Battery switch: both sides can be pushed in and pulled out together to replace the battery.
Battery: 3 # 7 batteries (3×AAA1.5V)
 Packaging: color box 
[Use]: Special work needs (such as patrol, search, on-site inspection, security, first aid at sea, etc.); Outdoor activities (mountaineering, camping, survival, hiking, sea diving, fishing, hunting, etc.); Professional needs (e.g. appreciation of jewelry, gambling on stones, etc.); Suitable for family standing by


Outdoor 3W LED Headlamp

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Weight 130.0 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 25 cm


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